"One Stop Simplicity"

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"One Stop" Simplicity

One of the most complex and often daunting tasks with any large project is the co-ordination of all the entities involved in completing the job.  From preparing the site for new construction to pipe design and fabrication, equipment setting, concrete work, wiring and start up it often takes a number of sub contractors to get to the "turn key" stage.

And with regard to cost and completion time how well these entities work together makes all the difference.
You need the simplicity of a true "One Stop" solution for project completion and this is exactly what Carolina Piping  
And Rigging offers.

We hold General Contractors, Unlimited Mechanical and Electrical licenses and we will bring all of our resources to bear in finishing your project on time and within budget.

Get in touch Jim Sweatt today to take the first steps in moving toward our mutual goal, successful project completion.

Call 803-428-4510 or visit our "Request for Quote" page and fill out our pre-sales questionnaire then submit a Request For Quote.  We will determine the scope of your project after a conversation with you and provide a quote as soon as possible.

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